Edit for Content is a freelance editing company that provides different services any author may need.


$100 flat rate / one hour phone call

Sometimes you need to talk to someone about your thoughts on what and where you want go with the story. Schedule a phone or video call to talk through ideas.

First Look

$225 flat fee
includes a one hour phone call or video chat with client to discuss

This option is an analysis of the first 20k words of your current manuscript. Not sure what direction to take or if you are on the right pat; this is the perfect option for you. The purpose is to help strengthen your book. The editor will highlight areas of concern and the strengths, which includes structure, character development, pacing, and plot.

Developmental Editing

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This option of editing is highly recommended for new authors, or authors who may require assistance with vision, plot, style, and character development. This has two rounds of edits, which includes everything in a copy edit, in addition to setting, characterization and voice, order of scenes, plot holes, plot strengths, and may suggest alternate wording without changing your voice.

Line Editing

0.007 / per word
includes one round of editing

This option of editing includes fact checking, assist with sentence structure, awkward phrasing, confusing transitions, pacing problems, and pick up inconsistencies in plot and characterization. This pass will also catch many spelling, grammar, and word repetition issues.

Copy Editing

0.006 / per word
includes one round of editing

This option of editing corrects your grammar, punctuation, and syntax mistakes. Will also include any non-major changes to the story. Copy editing is often spelled as one word; both options are correct.


0.005 / per word
includes one round of editing

This option is great for those who have already gone through the editing process, or who simply need an extra set of eyes for that final draft. Focuses on spelling, grammar, flow, sentence structure, verb usage, and punctuation. This happens right before you hit publish.

Beta Reading

0.004 / per word
includes one round of editing

This option helps assist then authors in the early stages of writing their novel. Helps with vision, plot, style, and character development.

PA Services

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Great option for busy authors. Can help maintain social media present, email blast, and much more. Custom packages based on author needs.

$100 minimum charge
$50 base + word count

*$50 word fee will be waived if more than 30,000 words


Non-refundable $50 payment is to save your date. Half the total amount is due when you send your manuscript, while the remaining payment is due before finished product is returned back to you. Payment Plans are available upon request.