Edit for Content can improve editing services for any business document including website content, newsletters, blogs, press-releases, all marketing materials. 


This is where we look for basic grammar, spelling, errors such as capitalization and punctuation, inconsistencies, repetitive words, and suggest alternate wording. This will also include the "flow" of the work.


This is the finalize stages before going to publish or print. Check for any spelling or grammatical errors. We root out any unclear passages and rework them to make your message clear to your readers. We also check URLs and links to make sure they work and check that all headings are capitalized correctly/


Fact checking involves researching facts in a document, and verifying that they are true. 

Pricing for businesses

Pricing will be based on clients needs because a website review is much different than printed marketing material. 

Edit for Content knows your written reputation is important. Errors in grammar and syntax not only detract from the power of your ideas, but also misrepresent you and or your company. Our purpose is to refine your written communication to accurately reflect your and your business capabilities.